Why voice is the next big internet wave


At first glance, few technologies feel as unsexy as voice. From a user’s perspective, little has changed since the days of Alexander Graham Bell. Most see voice as a mature technology that simply connects people in real-time across a distance. But voice is experiencing a wave of innovation that will fundamentally alter this definition.

During Mobile World Congress, Jae-woan Byun, the CTO of SK Telecom, condemned current voice offerings as “boring for users” but promised a “second tsunami” that could change everything.

The first tsunami was about messaging. It swept away SMS volumes and revenues and resulted in the kind of valuation that Facebook placed on WhatsApp. Thanks to the elimination of the historical limitations that telephony placed on voice, we are already sensing the shockwaves of the next tectonic shift.

Voice will be:

Available every “wear.” Voice is fast becoming a primary interface for wearable technology. Voice will soon…

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This week on Gigaom Research: bitcoin and 3D printing

neat developments…


At Gigaom Research, our analysts take a peek into the future of early markets such as bitcoin and additive manufacturing. Some of this week’s most popular research includes reports on digital currency services, a vision for 3D printing, and our most recent Sector RoadMap on data-discovery tools.

Note: Gigaom Research is a subscription-based research service offering in-depth, timely analysis of developing trends and technologies. Visit research.gigaom.com to learn more about it.

Connected Consumer: 3D Printing: hype, hope or threat? by Aram Sinnreich

In this report, analyst Aram Sinnreich considered the long-term implications of additive manufacturing on traditional industries such as health care, toys, and apparel. Sinnreich provides recommendations for companies looking to best prepare for the changes caused by 3D printing. Although the market is still young, this technology has the potential to reshape global economies through accelerated innovation and efficiency.

Cloud: Sector RoadMap: Data Discovery in 2014 by Andrew Bust.

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