Can WiGig become as much a household name as Wi-Fi?


Over the last 14 years, the Wi-Fi Alliance has accomplished something truly remarkable. It turned Wi-Fi into a brand recognized the world over by the tech-savvy and tech-challenged alike. Whether you pronounce it “Wee-Fee” or “Wai-Fai,” the familiar Wi-Fi logo is known by anyone with a smartphone, laptop or tablet to connect.

Now the Wi-Fi Alliance is trying to accomplish that feat again. It’s launching a new standardization and certification initiative around WiGig, a short-range but extremely high-speed local networking technology. The Wi-Fi Alliance merged with the Wireless Gigabit Alliance last January and on Monday it unveiled WiGig’s official logo.

wi-fi-zone1Building a brand as recognizable as Wi-Fi around WiGig won’t be an easy task, which might make you wonder why is the Alliance even bothering. Why doesn’t it just meld WiGig into the Wi-Fi universe of networking technologies?

Kelly Davis-Felner, marketing and program management director for the Alliance, said…

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