Topsy’s search index now includes every tweet since Twitter’s birth in 2006


For something that was once criticized as a nerd’s plaything, Twitter has grown and evolved to become a critical part of not just the social web but also the real-time news ecosystem, thanks in part to events like the Arab Spring. It’s a potential treasure trove of interesting sociological data, but so far researchers have had to make do with small snapshots of that massive archive. Until now, that is: On Wednesday, the social-search engine Topsy announced that its free search index now includes every tweet dating back to the birth of Twitter in 2006.

The company doesn’t say exactly how many tweets that is, but it’s likely in the neighborhood of 300 billion: when the Library of Congress cut a deal with Twitter a couple of years ago to archive all the public tweets from 2006 to 2010, the index contained about 170 billion updates, and that number was…

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