One of the best-in-class FTP clients is now available for FREE

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For years, FTP voyager (a commercial FTP product) has been available and used widely by both casual users and industry professionals. In December 2012, SolarWinds, a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT Management software, acquired RhinoSoft (Rhino Software, Inc.), the makers of FTP Voyager.
Subsequently, FTP Voyager FREE FTP Client for Windows is now available for free.

FTP Voyager is a superior alternative to other free FTP clients like FileZilla and features the following*:

  • FTP Voyager is the only major file transfer client that supports IPv6, has a native 64-bit client and uses a ribbon interface like Microsoft Office®. It is also the only major FTP client that incorporates Windows 7 conventions like jump lists. This means FTP Voyager is faster, more reliable, and feels familiar on the only operating systems Microsoft ships today.
  • FTP Voyager provides an advanced scheduler accessible to casual users through wizards and the industry’s…

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