What’s the business case for real-time temperature monitoring and analytics?

ROI… certainly top of mind with everyone! … great post.

Cold Chain View

Whatever industry you are in, modern business requires strong justification for any investments in solutions or technologies that enhance the main business. Often the question is about ‘return on investment’, or ROI.  Typical questions asked by senior management are, ‘What benefit would we get in monetary value from this technology?’ and if they are convinced of the benefit, then ‘How much does it cost?’

So is there a case for investing in real-time temperature monitoring and analytics? The answer is almost certainly yes, and we’ll explain why. We’ll also explain why the cost becomes insignificant compared to the losses that might be incurred from not doing it.

The business case

Containers regularly ship products that are temperature sensitive. These products can be anything – it could be food, medicines, vaccines, active pharmaceutical ingredients, retail products or even high value products like semiconductors. There is also a recent report about the…

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