How Successful Is Your #SocialMedia Strategy? Top Stories:

Are You Ready For The Social Media Boom?


According to BIA/Kelsey, “social media ad spending will reach $11 billion by 2017,” and media advertising revenue will grow about 134% in 2017 to nearly $11 billion. That is an astounding 18.6% annual growth rate from $4.7 billion in 2012… view press release details here: BIA/Kelsey.


Why All The Buzz About Pinterest? Is is really gaining market share as quickly as experts predicted?

[Is Pinning] ‘Pointless for B2B Tech Companies?’ – via March Communications: “When it comes to B2B tech companies that have actually been successful on Pinterest, Constant Contact, a leading provider of online marketing tools for small business, has been something of a leader…” The infographic below – provided by ColorJam Graphic Studio – showcases Pinterest’s global data usage.



Excellent Post by Lisa Galarneau:  5 Insights On The Future Of Social Media –

“Is social media about sociality, or something else entirely? Social media is real-time.  It’s raw.  It’s usually un-edited and un-flltered.  It asks us to make our own decisions about which news to follow, about which voices to promote, and which to marginalize.” … READ MORE


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